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Sample details


You are welcome to send samples to our company, we will make samples for free and choose the right machine for you;
We also undertake marking (engraving) and cutting processing for many years, and can OEM for your company。
Our company provides "free sample processing" service。

Warm note

Our company undertakes the marking and processing of various metal products and non-metal products for many years. You can mail the products you want to mark or cut to our company, or come to our company for sample marking. The sample marking or cutting is free of. The following is a marking sample marked by fiber laser, and it is also the picture data left by the customer when marking and processing in our company。

Processing advantage

1.切割效果完美:  我们有专门的打标工程师,进行设计、打标。.

2.快速交货:  有业的标记队伍,为及时完成打标任务提供了保障。








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